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My name is Mark Nilsen. Thanks for stopping by! My love for computers began with a Commodore 64, before I was 10 years of age. While studying towards a Commerce degree majoring in Industrial Psychology and Information Systems, I found myself far more interested in playing international sport, and in computer systems and computer programming. Currently, my professional life involves building software, optimizing processes and attempting to create and maintain highly effective, motivated teams. More recently, systems thinking and organisational cultures and mindsets have fascinated me (and frustrated me, but mostly fascinated me!). I believe effectiveness trumps efficiency, every time.

Software quality is a business decision

A recent twitter conversation I had with Ron Jeffries regarding quality in software development spurred me to write this post. Thanks for the inspiration, Ron. I believe that quality in software development is predominantly a business decision. For clarification purposes; … Continue reading

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The Cynefin Framework

The Cynefin Framework I’m going to be honest with you; when I first started learning about Cynefin I struggled a bit to relate the theory to practice.  In fact I sometimes wondered how I could use the framework.  Fortunately I … Continue reading

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For happy people and improved performance, drop the incentive schemes

Numerous reports from well known organisations such as Gallup, suggest that employee engagement levels are as low as 30%. It saddens me to think that 7 out of 10 of my friends and family do not, to put it simply, … Continue reading

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Recruitment Dysfunctions

I have something to admit.  The more I think about the recruitment of software developers, the more I believe that almost everything about it is full of nasty dysfunctions. Let’s talk about three of the common and key parts; CVs, … Continue reading

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Collaborative Workspaces

So, here it is – my first ever blog post! To ease myself into the world of blogging, I thought I would start off relatively simply (for want of a better word). [This is a work-in-progress: Hopefully, feedback helps me … Continue reading

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